My contribution to the Mayberry Family e-Letter

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pat's Run

Last year our family participated in the inaugural Pat Tillman Memorial Run in downtown Tempe. It was one of the many events that we have done as a family that served to solidify our family ties. Even Mom and Dad participated (Amanda, too, and she wasn't even a Mayberry yet!). It was truly a memorable event.

This year the run is the 15th of April. That gives all you fatbodies plenty of time to get training (that means you, Dave). All the proceeds from the race go to honor Pat Tillman's memory and the Leadership Through Action scholarship program of the Pat Tillman Foundation. For more first hand accounts of last year's run, contact your favorite Mayberry.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Old Man River

Today, I am one step closer to middle age, and it is not very complementary. This is the first year that I considered myself "not young." As a student at ASU, every so often I would find myself muttering something under my breath about "dem damn wippersnappers" walking around with their weird fashion sense incessantly yapping into their cell phones, but that didn't make me old..... did it? Now, watching ASU play UA, I thought that all the players looked too young to be in college. Yup, it is official, I am an old poo head.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Lacy and Dave were here this weekend and we had a BLAST! Dave spent most of the time playing army, but the time he had off, we used wisely. Saturday, we went to the zoo with some friends (it was Lacy's first time...I hope she had fun) and it was crazy trying to keep track of four kids under two years old. Lacy was a big help.

Saturday night, Dave, Ryan, Aaron and I went to the Coyotes game (Aaron scored some good tickets) and after overtime and a shootout, the Coyotes won the best hockey game ever!

It was nice having Dave and Lacy around, but all it did was make me sad that we didn't live closer to family so we could get together more often.

P.S. Ben can now walk.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Best Parents Ever

Man, I have the best parents ever!! The past month or so, my dad has been prodding me about grown-up type stuff that I thought was sort of silly. It turns out that a lot of the stuff that we talked about as sort of "food for thought" turned out to be totally relevant to some of the decisions that Kate and I were thinking about. Although it was weird talking about it a month ago, I can now see where my dad was going with all that talky talk.

Is it creepy that my dad would know what I needed to hear even before I knew that there was a point of concern??

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

National ID card

There is a proposal to create a national identification card to facilitate the commerce along the US borders with Mexico and Canada. The card will be the size of a credit card and, therefore, will be easier to use than the currently required passport.

In light of the new DHS program that (perhaps unwittingly?) makes your driver's license information visible in an on-line database, perhaps a national id card is not the best idea for those that are interested in personal privacy and civil liberties. Thankfully, one can go to this database and request that your driver's license information only be visible to law enforcement agencies. It was easy to do and well worth the time. Just go to http://www.license.shorturl.com/ and follow the directions. Enter your name, city and state to see if your info is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the marked "Please Remove". This will should remove it from public viewing.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Best Christmas of the Year

Winter is a busy time of year for us. Between Kate's birthday, Thanksgiving, Bowl Week, Christmas, Kate's dad's birthday, New Year's, our anniversary, and my birthday, life can really wear you out.

Christmas was great this year. We spent three days at Kate's parent's and enjoyed the break from the daily grind. It was nice having Christmas on a Sunday; we went to church that morning and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the day. It made it more about Christ and less about gifts. Of course, Ryley and Ben made out like bandits. I am still tripping over new Dora the Explorer stuff that I don't recognize. Brent and Amanda made the day with Ben's puppets (bravo, Brent, bravo... Ryley loves the puppets, too). It was nice to say the least.

We still regret that we missed the New Year's shenanigans in SV, especially since so many people were in town for Sam's wedding. I guess we will have to make up for it next year!

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year's Resolution

At Sam's wedding, I made the mistake of promising Cousin Willy that I would be better about updating the blog.... I think I am in trouble!

The Big Sleazy

We are FINALLY recovering from our recient deployment to the Gulf Coast region for post Katrina clean-up. Man was Louisiana fun. The people there were incredibly hospitable and happy to see us there, and the work we did was rewarding.

We arrived in Alexandria, LA, where we reconfigured all of our gear (which is armyspeak for "unload, rearrainge, load, unload, change load plans, reload....repeat as necessary") at the ISB for JRTC . We then drove 5 hours to the Lake Charles area where we augmented the local EMS system that was pretty well stressed. It was cool to see our big ol' hummer ambulances with little police light bars in the windows as we sped down the road. After two weeks the parrishes were able to get things back to normal as evaccuees returned to their homes.

We then went to New Orleans, LA and occupied an abandoned hospital (Perberton Methedist Memorial on the northeast side) and ran an aid station. The area was pretty well wiped out, so we would get the occasional patient with a cut or scrape from cleaning glass or metal. We saw TONS of rashes from all the poo and polution that was in the flood water. It will be years before people will be able to return to sections of that city.