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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Lacy and Dave were here this weekend and we had a BLAST! Dave spent most of the time playing army, but the time he had off, we used wisely. Saturday, we went to the zoo with some friends (it was Lacy's first time...I hope she had fun) and it was crazy trying to keep track of four kids under two years old. Lacy was a big help.

Saturday night, Dave, Ryan, Aaron and I went to the Coyotes game (Aaron scored some good tickets) and after overtime and a shootout, the Coyotes won the best hockey game ever!

It was nice having Dave and Lacy around, but all it did was make me sad that we didn't live closer to family so we could get together more often.

P.S. Ben can now walk.


At 23 January, 2006 10:03, Blogger brent said...

Another rugrat graduates to two-legged terrordom. Yee haw!

At 23 January, 2006 15:28, Anonymous Lacy said...

hey kev, will you send me kate's e-mail address? I think she's got mine in her phone. thx!
P.S. Classic picture with Ryley and the disturbingly human-faced butt monkeys!

At 24 January, 2006 17:40, Blogger Jamie said...

Check it out! I cand post comments! I;ve been meaning to say, all this time, that yes, puppets are a great Christmas gift, my girls go nuts with puppets, and that yes, your parents pretty much rock the house, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW, KEV!!!! For your birthday, I am giving you an e-coupon for admission to Yellowstone Park when you get your badselfs up here to visit Casa Melin! Have a great day! PS: Your kids are super cute! Go, go Ben!

At 24 January, 2006 20:57, Blogger Jamie said...

PS: Thanks for appeasing me. You'll thank me later.

At 26 January, 2006 07:52, Blogger brent said...

Happy Birthday, bro! It was good talking to you last night.


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