My contribution to the Mayberry Family e-Letter

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tucson stinks

Driving home from work last night in my 1971 VW bus, I hit the stench trifecta: I (1) farted after eating Jack's spicy tacos from Jack-in-the-box; (2) was passed on the freeway by a semi full of cattle; and (3) drove passed the sewage treatment plant off of Prince. This was all at the same time, mind you, like the stars aligned against me. The combined funk almost made me puke up my chicken fajita pita.

-The End

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I have grass

Last weekend we had a family sod party and man was it fun!! Mom, Dad, Steve, Dave, Lacy, and even Matthew made the trip up from SV and threw down. It went surprisingly well (except for the part where we were 100 sq. ft. short due to inaccurate measuring...damn my ASU education!). Dad saved the day again by offering up his truck for a Home Depot run to get 16 more rolls of sod. Matt was a trooper (or maybe it was Maren for giving up her hubby). Either way it was nice to have everyone over.

Monday, September 04, 2006

My Blog officially stinks...

Well, as if it were ever in question, my blog ES-YOU-SEE-KAY-ES. I just wanted to come clean so nobody thought that I was living in a dream world, thinking that I would ever compete for the family prize of best blog ever.

On a different note, after six months in Tucson, we finally found something that didn't make us long for our life in Tempe. It was.... wait for it.... the ZOO! Reid Park Zoo was way better than I remembered, and, unlike the Phoenix Zoo, the animals could actually hang out without melting into a disgusting pile of animal goo. If you go to the Phoenix Zoo anytime after 9:00 a.m. all you will see are pigeons and a bunch of empty animal habitats (except for them mountain goats, they just parade around on those fenced in peaks, waving their middle hooves at the blazing sun). But really, the Phoenix Zoo is often such a let down, but it is always funny to see the people that rent the peddle carts have to push those poopers up the hills.

PS We bought a season pass to the Reid Park Zoo and hope to go back before the millennium when we can just ride the polar bears around anyway (there really are polar bears in Tucson!!).