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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

But I like the job I have now....

It has come to my attention (thanks to my dear wife) that it is time to grow up. Not the "stop pulling your sister's hair" type of grow up, but more along the lines of "get a job... no, a career, you dirty bum!' type of grow up. I am not getting any younger, you know, so it is time to bite the bullet and make some decisions that will determine where we will be in the next fifty- that's five zero, baby- years. Crap!

The three irons in the fire are: 1) Army PA school, the path of least resistance, which would let me shoot things (always a plus); 2) keep applying to dental school (third time is a charm??); 3) roll the dice and apply to medical school. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


At 03 December, 2006 22:27, Blogger Jamie said...

Nuthin' like following in dad's footsteps. I remember when HE was trying to get into dental school...I helped him make a clay tooth. Plus, if you get into med school, you can star in the new REALITY version of "Scrubs" I'll be pitching to NBC cuz we all know you are HIGH-larious and could kick Zach Braff's trash.

At 05 December, 2006 05:14, Blogger brent said...

Oh boy, Kev, this is a dilemma! This is the stage in life where you get to make those kinds of decisions that will pretty much cement your life in a certain way. It's always scary for so many reasons. What if you choose to do something you end up not loving? What if you choose something you love, but it really doesn't provide your family with all that it needs? Just how much does one person need to sacrifice for the benefit of others, you know?

I hope you're fasting and praying and listening to the Spirit. My advice, besides all that, is to truly consider what would make your sweet wife and beautiful kids the safest and happiest and most prosperous and then consider what would make you the safest and happiest and most prosperous. And then go for it!

I think one of the true qualities of what a man should be involves sacrificing with love for the good of others. And I'm not saying that we have to think ourselves martyrs for choosing something to do that we don't quite love, but I think we all have it in us to choose to love what we do, no matter what our profession.

Love ya, bro!


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