My contribution to the Mayberry Family e-Letter

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Babies R Us

Well I have officially been outposted by the family blog-nazis. It is hard to compete when you are STILL STAYING AT THE HOSPITAL with a recuperating wife. Anyway, well done blog-nazis, well done. I think you both got some quality material.

The birth of baby number three has really got me thinking. A nurse at the hospital called our kids Irish triplets, but all I could come up with in response was, "We're not Irish, we're Scottish" which illustrated that I missed her point completely. All of Ryley's primary friends call me "Ryley's dad" and I guess that is kind of the price of having kids...you lose your identity and become..... what? I am not sure.

Ryley's quote of the week, through tearstained lips: "Maybe you're not such a nice papa after all." Since I have been home all week, I have had to step up my disciplinarian game (I am used to coming home from work and being the "fun" parent) because Kate is busy nursing and sleeping and all that new mom stuff. I think Ryley likes me better as the fun guy too.

PS I have a newfound respect for what my sweetheart does every day. Our kids can be CRAZY!!